About Stewardship Retail

Hi there. My name is Tobie DePauw.

Stewardship Retail is a philosophy born of 16+ years in and around the bicycle retail industry, but is applicable to many categories of retail. No matter what you sell, I can guarantee that 100% of your customers are human beings. Stewardship Retail starts with that simple fact. 


Adopting the position of a steward, or a caretaker, changes the entire dialogue between a person wanting to buy something and the person wanting to sell something. Stewardship Retail is about taking care of customers, taking care of your team and taking care of yourselves. 


My goal is to share ideas and methods that have been successful for me as a retailer, as an event promoter, as a retailer wrangler in my current position at PeopleForBikes Ride Spot and as the operator of my own small business, Mordecai Book Building

If you're interested in learning more about Stewardship Retail, or inquire about Virtual Coaching,

please email tobie@stewardshipretail.com; I'd love to hear from you. 

Thank you & take care, 


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