• T. DePauw

Stewardship Retail at the Frostbike Business Summit

Frostbike is an event I always look forward to.

When I was a retailer, it was a source of regeneration, inspiration and renewal. I'm recharged by connecting with my peers and sharing our successes and struggles, so Frostbike was always a great opportunity to do that.

Now, Frostbike has become special in a different way. I'm still recharged by it, but in a different way. I've been lucky enough to be invited to speak at Frostbike for the last few years and this year I'll be presenting Stewardship Retail in a dedicated webinar that will air twice during the virtual conference.

Please tune in! Register at and you'll be able to catch all the seminars on Thursday, Feb 18th and Friday, Feb 19th. My webinars are at 9:00am CST on Thursday and 1:15pm CST on Friday.

I'll be sharing three Stewardship Retail concepts with both in-store physical applications and digital/virtual applications. During the seminars, I'll be hanging out in the chat to answer questions and divvy out virtual high fives. I hope you can make it - I'd love to see your voice there.

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