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The Great Social DisDANCE Off

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Last week, Beth from Frontier Bikes posted a video of her mopping up and getting down in the shop, to which I commented that I thought is was a great example of Social DisDANCING. Being a fellow wordlover/punsmith, that sparked something for Beth, so she reached out. In the course of 12 hours, we whipped up a collaborative campaign to spread some funds by spreading some funs.

She put her magical ability to get brands on board with some prize donations and within a day, there were a dozen companies contributing raffle prizes.

And these are not some no-good knick knacks, these are top quality prizes.

RECORD SCRATCH! Final day update!

In order to maximize the funds to shops, you can enter to win simply by donating to any bike shop before NOON on Friday, April 10th. Donate via PayPal or through a "Money for Nothing" purchase on the shop's website and email the receipt to!

Even if your shop didn't shake their money-makers, we encourage you to contribute anyway and enter the raffle! Every $5 donation = One Vote/Raffle Entry! So - $25 = FIVE votes and FIVE entries.

If you don't have a fav shop but want to enter the raffle, there is a (tiny) list of great shops here that would be grateful for your generosity.

Cool! cool.


Read on to see original rules... if you want...

Here's how it (was) going down (but you can just donate! and enter the raffle!).


Get your dance pants on!

  1. Post a dance video of you and/or your staff on Instagram (post, not story)!

  2. Tag @stewardship_retail and @frontier_bikes on the video and also in your text, including the hashtag #socialdisdanceoff (copy/paste tex below for your post).

  3. V important! Add your PayPal address or “Money for Nothing” url to the post/profile and tell your fans to VOTE for you by donating $5 or more. V important!

  4. Nominate three of your fave shops to post a disDANCING video.


Win prizes AND support your favorite shop or framebuilder!

  1. “Vote” for your favorite shop by donating via the link in their bio or the PayPal email address they provide. If you have a favorite shop, be sure to share this post with them and tell them to shake their money makers!

  2. Every $5 donation = One Vote/Raffle Entry! So - $25 = FIVE votes and FIVE entries.

  3. Winners will be randomly selected from each shop + builder donor list and announced on Thursday, April 9th!

AIGHT! Git on up and get down! Let's make it amazing, everyone. Feel free to give @frontierbikes and @stewardship_retail a follow on Instagram to follow along with all the good boogies.

Thank you.


Contest copy for bike shops (copy/paste/make it your own;

We're getting down for The Great Social DisDANCE OFF presented by @frontierbikes & @stewardship_retail.

If you dig our #socialdisdanceoff, vote for us and win some rad prizes! Every $5 donation to our Paypal (or donation url) equals one vote and one raffle entry to win some incredible prizes from Paul Components, Topo Designs, Oddity Cycles and many, many more!

There's no limit, so if you send $10, that's two votes/entries... if you send $100, that's 20 votes/entries! Imagine winning a $300 item for $20!

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