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The Sale is Not the Summit - Frostbike 2020

I had the honor to present some of the introductory ideas of Stewardship Retail at Quality Bicycle Products Frostbike conference this year. The conference gathers hundreds of bike retailers from all over the world for a couple days of product exhibits, classes and camaraderie (my fave part). It was always my favorite conference as a retailer and continues to be a highlight when I have the opportunity to attend now (as an exhibitor or as a presenter).

My seminar was called "The Sale is Not the Summit: An Introduction to Stewardship Retail". I shared a number of ideas that led to the idea of Stewardship Retail and shared some very practical steps retailers can take to augment their customer experience and increase sales.

Each attendee received a handmade companion guide that followed along with the slides. I built the books myself, in my book bindery, because I'm a bookbinder - which is totally normal. I have a side business called Mordecai Book Building. Part of the whole message of Stewardship Retail is anticipating the needs of your customers and providing solutions before they even arrive at the problem. The companion guides were a very real incarnation of that idea. In the book were examples, templates and links to more resources for after the retailers returned home. And a word search... everyone loves a word search.

The recording is from my first seminar (of three). Although I had prepared the seminar well in advance, I did not have an opportunity to do a dry run, so I guess that's what this is.

Click here to listen on Soundcloud.

I hope you enjoy.

If this message is something you'd like me to present to your company or your staff, please send me an email! I'd love to do more speaking engagements (or virtual conferences). Thank you.

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