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Welcome. Here we are. What in the world is going on?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It’s pretty safe to say we’re living in the grey somewhere between Science Fiction and Science Fact, so it feels appropriate to say we’re boldly going where no retail has gone before. Well, maybe not boldly, but we’re going anyway. It’s deeply unnerving to know our elders can’t share their wisdom from when they lived through this before. This is all new territory for us… well, sorta. Humans have had a good number of plagues that make COVID-19 look like a toothache, but this time we have social media.

I’m not an economist, but you don’t have to be an economist, or even subscribe to The Economist, to figure out that the economy is holding together with popsicle sticks and bubblegum rn. My lens, my perspective, my purview is bicycle retail, so that’s where I’m coming from and that’s where I’m facing as I think about retail in general. The bike industry is a very unique animal. Thankfully, bikes are good for people and bikes are (mostly) allowed during social distancing, but that doesn’t mean bike shops get a pass. Everything is changing. Daily. Hourly.

So how does Stewardship Retail fit into all this? Well… we’ll see. I wanted to have a place to share some ideas that could be beneficial to people, so I raised this flag for anyone who wanted to consider those ideas.

Stewardship Retail has been a concept for a long time. I started using the term around 2012/2013 as our shop started to take a different approach to sales. It’s matured a little and I’ve been able to implement some of the ideas in a larger scale through other shops and through seminars. There will be more flesh on these bones, but to get us started, I want this site to be a source for hope and encouragement for retailers right now. We’ll go from there.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

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